Karate for Babies

“When a child is born you do not only learn to be a parent: you also learn to be a child”. (Zen motto)

Wednesday & Friday
17:00 - 18:00

This class is accessible to deaf children
(babies from 4 to 6 years old)

MOTILITY. Full-time nursery school, less and less children-friendly cities, technological games, scarcity of gardens and secure courtyards mean that children, when they need it most, have fewer and fewer opportunities to move and experiment own body. It is between 4 and 6 years, in fact, that those basic motor patterns, that promote a healthy and balanced psychomotor development, should be learned and exercised.

ACTIVATION. In karate, which more than other disciplines can compensate for this deficit, all possible body movements are developed and trained. Always in a peaceful and playful atmosphere, but through a rigorous method to activate the potential of the children.

SPORTS GAMING. Learning to run properly, to jump and land without getting hurt, to roll, to throw and grabb. And through games and exercises that become more and more complex, children, acquiring ever greater coordination and psychomotor awareness, are directed to the martial art practice.

SOCIALITY. The dojo (a place where respect, kindness and serenity reign) is an ideal place to learn to stay together. Children, through karate practice, are encouraged to relate in a healthy way with everyone and they start training themselves to bring out their best. Always learning to overcome one’s limits and fighting against one’s fears.

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