JKF Wadokai

Wado Waza Karate, being a WKSI dojo, is part of JFK Wadokai.

JKF Wadokai is an internationally recognized organization performing within JKF – Japan Karatedo Federation, the Karate federation of the Japanese Olympic Committee, as well as of WKF – World Karate Federation.

It is composed of 1,350 branches across Japan and of about 250 groups outside Japan, some of which, like WKSI, are officially registered as branches. JKF Wadokai currently counts over 850,000 members all over the world. 180,000 are black belts.

Differently to other Wado-ryu organizations that are often private family-managed associations, JKF Wadokai is acknowledged and regulated at State and international level to ensure the highest teaching and training standards.

The Technical Committee of JKF Wadokai is in charge of defining the technical frameworks all over the world, establishing the standards, planning seminars in Japan and appraising the technical level achieved by each branch.

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    Wado Waza Karate c/o Life Sport Wellness
    Via Rocca di Papa 26, 00041 Albano Laziale RM

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