karate and personal defence

Wado-ryu Karate

A karate style based on the principles of jujutsu, it aims to increase self-defence skills and awareness not only of one's own body, but also the spirit, developing abilities, respect, discipline...


WKSI is the Italian branch of JKF Wadokai, affiliated to the Sport Promotion Organization CSEN. It is also a Social Promotion Association entered in the register of Italy’s Ministry of Social Policies...

JKF wadokai

The most important international organization of Wado, founded in 1934 by Hironori Otsuka within JKF and WKF, it has 1600 branches and more than 850 thousand registered practitioners worldwide...

Discover the tradition

Live the Spirit of Karate

In this dojo we practice karate as a martial art, in the wake of an ancient tradition that is ever more alive, current and necessary.
Always looking for the Shingitai: the union of spirit, technique and body.

Spirit (Shin)

Shin is the spirit: the union of mind and heart, awareness and courage, intelligence and benevolence. We train it through meditation, discipline, introspection and martial practice.

Technique (Gi)

Gi is the technique, the know-how, the elegant, efficient and effective execution. We learn it by researching perfection of form, attention to details, effectiveness and real-life applications.

Body (Tai)

Tai is the body, the matter, the concrete and living manifestation of our spirit. We forge it through hard training, stretching exercises and perfecting all the motor and fighting skills.

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Walk the Way

Karate is a Way of Life

The dojo is the place where karate training takes place, but it is also a symbol of the deep relationship that practitioners establish with the martial art and with themeselves. Dojo Rules must be the mirror of a karateka’s spirit.

“This dojo adopts the Budo Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here we respect the value of everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, physical and social condition, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation”…

realize your potential

Train and grow up with us

Pull out your grit

We must reach out the harmony between kindness and conviction to live free and realize ourselves. Taking out the gritty part, without sacrificing the gentle one, is a great quality of Wadoryu.

win your fears

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to manage it. Overcoming your fears is the best way to learn how to face life with intelligence, integrity, determination and success.

enhance your mind

Traditional karate enhances the faculties of the brain, as shown by many scientific studies. It increases intelligence, attention, critical sensibility, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Win the challenge

Become yourself

“Practicing Wado-ryu as a martial art does not only mean committing yourself, but dedicating yourself to a certain way of life, which includes training to the obstacles of life and finding a way to a meaningful life”.

Hironori Otsuka

Fouder of Wado-ryu

大塚 博紀


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