Dojo’s Patch


Wado, our style’s name, means «path of harmony». The Wado symbol represents a dove (peace) embracing and circumscribing a fist (the martial art), indicating that strength and technique must be governed by inner serenity and aimed to the pursuit of peace and justice.

In our Dojo’s Patch, the dove is, in turn, embraced and supported by the name of our karate school *, written first in Japanese, then, further down, in Latin characters.

The two stylized red wings, emanation and extension of our karate school’s name, symbolize lightness, physical and mental agility, dedication, and courage.


After reaching the 8th kyu yellow belt rank, every karateka in our dojo acquires the right to wear the Dojo’ Patch. It is made in high definition micro-embroidered fine yarns, and must be sewn and/or thermo-fixed on the left side of the karategi (heart side), following the instructions contained in the package in which it will be delivered. The patch is a gift from the teacher to the student. It is possible to request additional Dojo’s Patches by paying a fee corresponding to their production cost.

(*) Our dojo’s name is «Wado Waza Karate». «Wado» is the Japanese name for the karete style we practice, while «Waza» means technique or art (exactly as it happens for the ancient Greek word «téknē»). Therefore, Wado Waza means «The Art of Wado». To find out more information about the meaning of the name «Wado», click here.